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Creating single or multi-page PDF documents from HTML, CSS and Images can be a tricky task. Headers and footers are limited and complex ones are not possible, HTML elements are misaligned and the overall PDF structure and design can look poor.

Using the AlmightyPDF Nuget package you can easily create PDF content and achieve your desired results. Creating sophisticated product catalogues, picking checklists, invoices and so the list goes on.

We provide code examples using C# with free templates to help you get started.

AlmightyPDF is designed for ASP.NET Core projects and requires .NET Core 2.1 or above.

For further information about licensing and product support. Go to our licensing page

Get Started Free HTML Templates

Add Complex Headers and Footers

AlmightyPDF makes adding complex headers & footers a breeze. For further information view the Creating your first pdf document.

Easily create smart looking PDFs

We have created some default templates that you can download and use as a base to get started.

Try AlmightyPDF for free

Our Nuget package is completely free for development. To remove the copyright and use commercially you must purchase a license for £99.99.

Licensing options & pricing

Development License

FREE Trial version

AlmightyPDF provides a FREE Trial version for testing and development.

Install with Nuget

Full License

Commercial license

Valid for development and production servers

No yearly fees

To use AlmightyPDF in commercial projects you need to purchase a licence key.

Get Licensed

Getting started

Using AlmightyPDF to convert html to pdf content:

Getting set up with Visual Studio

  1. Open Visual Studio and right click on the Nuget packages folder
  2. Click 'Add Packages…' and search for AmightyPDF
  3. The latest version should be selected by default
  4. Click Add Package
  5. Wait for Visual Studio to do a successful build
  6. Click 'Copy code to clipboard' in the text area below and paste this into Visual Studio
  7. Give the Body a string and the Filename a string and run your application

This should return you a PDF document that you can now download.

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